Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Bliss Your Heart creates and holds safe spaces for women to come together to heal and build connection through the power of conversations. Whether it’s through our digital platforms or in person, Bliss Your Heart affirms the power that comes from sisterhood and solidarity.

Bliss Your Heart is dedicated to empowering women through clarity, connection, and conversation. We promote and encourage self-love, self-esteem and self-care among all women. 

It is our intent to cultivate connection through honest conversations.


Using our online presence and in-person workshops, events and collaborations, BYH creates a space for all self-identifying women to reclaim their authenticity & individuality by equipping individuals with tools and advice catered to meet them where they are at and guide them along their own personal journey.



Individuality —— Bliss Your Heart strongly affirms the uniqueness and individual qualities and characteristics that each and every woman posesses and works to promote and honour the similiarities found in our differences.

Respect —— With such vulnerability & courage exercised with each conversation had, interaction created and story heard online and in-person, Bliss Your Heart places high value on respecting the self and others.

Self-compassion —- Bliss Your Heart is rooted in self-compassion and was birthed from self-forgiveness and acceptance. Compassion for self is strongly promoted in order to truly experience compassion for all.




Bliss Your Heart is built upon three essential pillars: community, connection and authenticity.


with a great awareness and high value placed on the idea of strength in numbers and the power of unity, BYH affirms the building of community amongst women from all walks of life.



cultivating connection in our differences & holding space for vulnerability, BYH values the power of human connection in the digital age we exist in.



encouraging all self-identifying women to honour and accept their innate, divine individuality


so great for this fearless community of womxn that i became connected with this year. i have learned so much from everyone involved. it is easy to feel comfortable & safe with this wonderful folx. a community of belonging and support
“thank you for everything, i have actually never felt so supported and seen as i have with this group. i always thought i would only ever dream about feeling that kind of belonging but it’s real! you are making magic, and i can’t wait to see what is in store for the future of bliss your heart”
“thank you Dora and BYH for always holding a space for me to safely and productively open my heart, mind and soul to important food for thought”